Welcome to my blog!

I get so much valuable info from reading tech art and graphics blogs, its about time I give a little back! I hope that someday the information on this blog will prove useful to at least a person or two.

Master of Nuthin?
"Jack of all trades, master of none." I'm reluctant to call my self a master of anything, because I've worked with masters, too many to name here... much respect! 

Many Tech Artists consider themselves the art-team-handyman, I fall into this category (though, I prefer Renaissance Man). It's my job to know how the entire pipeline works... or at least enough that I can tell you which programmer to pester.  My time is split equally between prototyping, tools scripting, shaders/lighting, and creating (usually more technical) content. I love finding opportunities to improve pipeline, processes, consistency, quality of the game, and quality of life for my coworkers.

I ask programmers questions. 
I answer artist questions.
I am a rendering nerd.
I love gamez!

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